Friday, 11 April 2014


I am extremely excited and proud to be able to reveal to you the latest in our range of MGT (military-grade titanium) coatings that we can offer to help you create your ultimate watch.

Introducing our brand-new Heritage Cocoa coating. This chocolate-coloured coating is just as hard-wearing as our signature black and just as stylish, offering our clients another great way to curate their world. Seen here on a Bamford Watch Department Milgauss, the Heritage Cocoa coating is available now on all of our steel watches and comes with our standard lifetime coating guarantee. Just another example of how the Bamford Watch Department is constantly pushing forward to offer more personalisation options for our clients. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Steel Rolex by Guido Mondani

I have always loved Guido Mondani's Rolex books. They have always been such a great authority on Rolexes, and those of you who are lucky enough to have stepped foot into our client room at BWD will know that we have several of the Guido Mondani tomes on our bookshelves, on various subjects.

Mondani's latest book, Steel Rolex, is another authoritative work on steel Rolexes, and it is an honour and a privilege to be able to say that the Bamford Watch Department is featured in this book. I think it really is the ultimate Rolex book, and to have it sat in our client room next to so many great works on great watches is a real honour.

Giorgia Mondani's inspirations for her co-authorship on this Steel Rolex book are attributed from the countless meetings with private collectors and their prized Rolex possessions. It is almost as if these mechanical watches have taken upon a life of their own, and Giorgia's mission to showcase these priceless collection pieces with a justified deviation from the norm.

Moving away from 'typical-typological' (organization by type) categories, it is with her gained experience to dive into the world of Rolex upon a singular element – Steel, stainless steel to be exact.Steel Rolex represents a new concept, in terms of content and images.

Limited edition of only 599 examples, STEEL ROLEX is available to purchase now from the Bamford Watch Department. Please visit our website for more information:

Friday, 21 February 2014


I am completely delighted to announce yet another first for the Bamford Watch Department. Due to increasingly popular demand, it is now possible to personalise your ultimate Panerai Luminor on the Bamford Watch Department website. This news is sure to please the Paneristi community. Since the Rolex Panerai was created in the 1940s as one of the first large watches in the world, it has been an iconic piece. I am lucky enough to count one of the originals in my collection and I am consistently inspired by it.

I have always wanted to personalise one and I believe that the Luminor lends itself so well to this process. It really has the perfect structure for an individual piece and is an incredible addition to the Bamford Watch Department line-up.

Customise yours below:

Monday, 20 January 2014

BWD Paperweight

I have always loved Objet d'art and this has been something that I have wanted to create for a long time. Inspired by the crown of a luxury watch, our Paperweight was something that I initially created just for myself. Then, when it finally arrived after weeks of designing and sourcing, like a proud father, I showed it to client who happened to be passing through. Their reaction was, for me, quite surprising as it was merely an object that I had created for myself, but they wanted to buy it straight away.

Of course, we have now produced a number of the paperweights based purely on popularity and demand, but it was originally just something to have in our office. Like the original, the Bamford Watch Department paperweight is made of solid Aluminium, which is then powder-coated in black, in order to replicate one of our stunning Military Grade Titanium coated watches.

The Bamford Watch Department Paperweight is available to buy now from the Bamford Watch Department website ( and is priced at £195.00.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Karl Lagerfeld x Bamford Watch Department Milgauss

I am proud to announce an exclusive collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and the Bamford Watch Department. Based on the Rolex Milgauss, this exclusive piece is the first collaboration between the world’s foremost‐established luxury watch customization house and one of the world’s most influential and iconic designers.

This striking design features the Bamford Watch Department’s newly released signature black “Supermatte” MGT (military grade titanium) coating, as well as the Karl Lagerfeld signature logo embossed on the dial, the KARL LAGERFELD Cameo head design printed on the background and the Signature KARL Head at number seven.

The KARL LAGERFELD x Bamford Watch Department Limited Edition Milgauss is available from Tuesday the 3rd of December from KARL LAGERFELD stores in Paris Saint Germain and Munich and prices start from €19,000.

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